Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Listing Satisfaction Guarantee

Entering into a listing agreement with a real estate agent can be a risky business. Every seller’s agent will promise the world when it comes to effectively marketing your home, but now how many of them can back that up with a Guarantee? Home Sellers sometimes find it difficult to make a commitment with a real estate agent to sell their home. We took that into consideration when coming up with ways to better serve you and make you confident in your decision! That’s why we want to offer you a Home Sellers Guarantee when listing your home with The Colloms Group! We are so confident that our real estate system will work, that we Guarantee you the right to cancel your Listing Agreement within the first 30 days with absolutely no penalties or further obligations.

Love It, or We Will Sell It for FREE Guarantee

Buyer’s remorse affects us all at some time or another. We know that’s always a possibility when buying your next home! That house you just closed on winds up not having enough closet space, the neighbors are horrible, the sun sets on the wrong side of the house and makes the back deck unbearably hot. Well we have the perfect answer to one of these problems. If you buy a house through us and decide within 30 days that you’ve made a mistake, we will sell it for FREE. Our goal goes beyond just getting the house closed. Our goal is for you to be happy. Happy with us, and happy with your new home!